Friday, September 30, 2011

New girl in the house

So early this morning my Grandma gave me this baby doll to repair. She doesn't have a name so we all started calling her Gianna (Heather's idea). Everyone agreed that she looked like a Gianna.

I'm so sorry, I thought that I should turn her repairing into a post while I was conditioning her hair so it was too late : (. Shes all ready to go home but were not seeing my Grandma again for about a week or less. So she'll stay here for now.

My dolls can talk in front of me and my family only and only when we say the secret words. OK so here are the secret words: Too bad that's top secret sorry! That code is know by me, my family, and a few of my closest friends. We are all trying to make sure Gianna doesn't open her mouth at the wrong time!

Gianna has a strange attachment to Heather. It's like she's her mom or something. So I did some researching (right now my mother would be say "researching?! since when did you start researching?!") and I found out the Gianna is actually Heather's cousin. Heather almost explode with excitement when I told her. I'm assuming she won't be happy when Gianna is sold on eBay for a couple bucks.

New updates later sorry I didn't have much to post this time! Not much excitement happens in this house.

We have a new email just for this blog it's  So email that if you have any questions, post request, or just want to say "HI!" !

                        Mickey's Girl

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Riley dresses up as Duffy bear!

OK so I know it's all little early, but I started dressing my dolls up for Halloween (post later) and so I started dressing my two Bitty Babies. I dressed Rosie (Rosalinda) up as a cowgirl. She had a vintage looking dress/onezie on and a cowgirl hat from Hobby Lobby. Me and my Mom punched holes in the sides and put shoelace through each side and tied them together under her chin so they'll stay there.
Rosie dressed up as a cowgirl. :)
After we did that I got Riley and couldn't find anything for her! So I became desperate and took my Duffy bears clothes off and put it on Riley.
So when I put it on her, it wasn't like it was a little tight or a little loose. It fit Riley perfectly! I just wish I had the Buzz Lightyear out fit, that would be hilarious.

But (sadly) I didn't have a Buzz outfit, so we dealt with the sailor costume.

Sorry, you can't exactly see her belly down. She just had a plastic diaper on your not missing much. ;) I tied the ear bands together with yarn so it will stay on her head!

This is my first post so I didn't do the best but I'll get better!

Thank you to "Karenmomofthree", "Kit Snicket", and "Mackenzie Rae" for being one of the first to follow my blog! It means a lot to me!

                               Mickey's Girl