Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Photos!

I finally got around to posting my Thanksgiving photos. Sorry for my lack of post though! : )


325 degrees for 30 minutes!

"Hello! This is Thanksgiving not Christmas! What's with the Santa??"

(Waaaay out of focus!)

"Lanie! It's the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade!"

Can I get a good photo??

After sorting those photos, I found a very funny picture of Kit breakdancing that I thought I should share with you! ;)

Tomorrow I'll try and do a few of my dolls outside in their Christmas outfits! After that I'll try and make my blog "Christmasy". :)

( :Thank You : )

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sick Thanksgiving

Hi guys! I've noticed not many people have been posting on Blogger lately. And I'm sure people are still sick from eating so much on Thanksgiving! :) I wanted to give everyone a few updates.

To start off my doll room finishing is going at a snails pace! My parents and I are moving furniture around which will give me TONS of room! I've been collecting small furniture at garage sales to put in that space.

Another update is (if you know who she is) I'm selling my magic attic doll, Heather and she is going for way more than I expected!

My last update is that I did take a few pics of my dolls on Thanksgiving so I will show you them in the next post hopefully. ;)

Thanks for putting up with my jabber! :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know probably a lot of people are not online due to the holiday, but I had some free time after making the queso so I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have a safe trip if your leaving your home!

However, we are hosting Thanksgiving this year so it's fairly hectic around here! You may be able to tell by my lack of post? : ) Not to mention cleaning EVERYTHING! And if you saw my last doll room picture, you know why its hard! ; ) I may take a few Thanksgiving photos with: Kit, Tess, Anna, Hunter and Lanie that I will show on the next post hopefully. My Mom limited me to bringing 5 dolls downstairs. ; )

Got to go! (Time to make the mac-n-cheese!!)

!Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

More on Tess

Ok, to start off I wanted to give you guys a little more of an inside story of Tess. I have added her profile to the My Dolls page above and be sure to scroll to the bottom. (She is the last one down)

Her personality is mainly a daring girl who isn't afraid to get cuts and scars every so often. Although she is the adventurous type, she is very kind and loyal to her friends. If you met her for the first time you wouldn't think shes the "daring" type, but more of a person who enjoys strolls in the park or likes reading over movies.

She doesn't take anything as an insult and barley ever loses her temper. She isn't afraid of wearing dresses or fancy outfits. This girl is definitely a wild card!
So that isn't what her profile says because it's too long. So you, (the lucky blog viewer) just got the inside scoop of Tess Kinsley! Congratulations!!

I haven't decided who will be Tess's best friend yet. (Which will decide who she shares a blog with!) I really think that Hunter could work. Something about the two together.......... Well I'll update you later!

( :Thank you: )

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Tess got here 2 days ago but I waited until I could go to my grandparents house to do a photoshoot. (Because our backyard is two trees the size of pencils!)

Tess's outfit will be shown in another post of how I got it. (So stay updated!)

I didn't get as many as I wanted because it was too windy and she kept falling over! (hehe)


  This one came out funny! It was supposed to focus on Tess but it focused on the bark of the tree!
 I was so happy when I saw how this came out!

Thank You!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Poll!

Hi guys, just a real quick post today. I wanted to say that everyone can vote on the poll below My Songs to the right. >>>>

I plan to let Tess have a blog with one of my dolls. I've decided to break it down to two dolls. Maddie and Hunter. I'm also willing to let Tess have her own blog.

If you have any ideas for the blog name then please comment below! I'd love to hear your ideas!

P.S. They said that Tess may be here by the very end of this week or the very beginning of next week. (Because our mail man slacks on Saturdays) ; )

; )

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kit's Back! (And a surprise)

OK, currently, I'm in shock!

If you didn't know that Kit was in the hospital or why, then click HERE 

My Mom (once again she's brilliant!) found a package in front of our door. I saw that it was AG box shaped. So my first idea was that it was Tess (who was shipped yesterday from MAINE!!) and I was freaking out! But my Mom read that it was from the AG place in WA. state. So she went in her room and shoved me out because she thought it was a Christmas present. While I was in the kitchen she called me saying it was Kit back from the hospital. I absolutely darted into her bedroom! : }

I basically ripped open the box to see her! (P.S. Kit is one of my favorites!)

 The box was sent in a bigger box, before you ask! :)

She came home with: A Doll Hospital gown, Her hair ribboned, an ID bracelet, a certificate of good health and a very strange piece of paper.......

While I was in my parents' bedroom, my Mom was playing with Kit as I picked up a piece of paper with the money check we sent AG. I'm only 11, but I know that AG shouldn't be sending back the check we gave them! We ordered only to get Kit's eye fixed by the way.

 Here is what the note said:

            Dear (My Mother's name),

Thank you for sending your doll to the Doll Hospital at American Girl.

You expressed concern that your doll required repairs.  Upon examining her,
we agree with you that American Girl is responsible for these problems.
Consequently, we will repair your doll free of charge, and we are returning
your check.

Sincerely yours,
(Random person's name)
Doll Doctor
American Girl Hospital

After we read that, I assumed they just returned the money for Kit's eye, but it wasn't over yet! A few minutes after showing my father Kit's repair, I noticed that her limbs weren't loose anymore and they were ALL NEW LEGS! Then I noticed that she had ALL NEW ARMS! By then I'm thinking they must have mixed up Kit dolls, But they didn't. Because there I found my Kit's two stubborn stains on her face that I was never able to get out!

Ok, number #1: My Mom didn't complain about ANYTHING or said that AG was responsible for anything.

Number #2: Then we all relized something! We just got NEW LEGS, NEW ARMS, AND A NEW EYE....... FOR FREE!

 She's a little wonky eyed (hehe)

(all of my photos are crooked when I do that!) Grr.....

Has that ever happened to you???

I'm not good at cleaning.....

Hi guys! Just a quick post today. I wanted to tell you some updates with my doll room. To start off, currently, it's a wreck!
So, I'm cleaning it now but thought I would say that I may be able to do the tour in a week or so. Mainly because my mother is helping me clear some things out. Also because over the weekend my father is moving a cabinet into this room which will turn into Tess's room. (If she ever gets here.) :)

The main reason that it's moving slowly is because I'm a really lousy cleaner. ;) I'm just too lazy!

That's all I wanted to say....... Thank You!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Going to die!!!

OK first off I'd like to say that my mother is B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T.!! And that I want to thank her a billion times!!!!

So your probably wondering what I'm talking about, huh? Well if you read the last post, I said something about dealing with eBay right? Well I dealt with them successfully!!! But first I must take you back! (magical dreamy sounds)

Ever since I started to read Never Grow Up: Doll Guide, I fell in love with Beast's Belle's Gotz dolls. Mainly Tess Prescott. They are (in my opinion) as beautiful as AG dolls. I decided to ask Beast's Belle where she got her Tess doll and where I should find one. She said the best place to look was, eBay, Craig's list, and Bonanza. She also said to be patient with trying to find her which I took very seriously as I knew it wouldn't be easy to find her.

I looked constantly but all I found was a Tess that started too high in price and a Tess that had all of her bangs cut off. Of coarse I thought it was better to wait then to attempt to re-wig the one without bangs.

Then about a month later two came up at very decent prices. Me being the stupid person I am, didn't look into it and found that one of the two had disappeared and that it was a "Buy it now" item. I was so disappointed, mainly in myself for not looking more deeply.

Then, it all came down to one last Tess doll. She came with three outfits. She started at 10 dollars! But some "smart" person came along and bumped it up to 50 dollars when it came down to it. Since I just made money from a garage sale, I told my Mom (A.K.A. the bidding master) that I was willing to go up to 100 dollars. So I waited and waited until it was down to 3 minutes and suddenly more "smart" people wanted to raise the bids up! My (amazing) mother won the bidding at the last 3 SECONDS!! I won it for a solid 91 dollars which I knew would definitely take some of my money from next months allowance. ;)

I started freaking out! I was in the same room as her and here was our conversation when I won:

Me: Somebody bumped it up to 91 dollars. : (

Mom: That was me! : )

(Auction ended)

Me: You won!?

Mom: yup

(Me waiting to see if it was true....)

Me: (jumping up and down) Oh my gosh!!!

Mom: (laughing at my excitment)

And thats the end thank you!

Now I will be sitting in front of our door waiting for her to get here.


Random Updates

Hi everyone. I wanted to say first off that I'm sorry I haven't post in almost a week. I've had a lot of things going on and not a lot of time to use my laptop. Me and my Grandmother had a 2 family garage sale last week so I made almost 50 dollars and my Grandmother made almost 700 dollars! (and no, that is not a typo!). So my money is being kept in a small storage box.

Besides that matter, I'm working a "Doll Room Tour" post which I MAY be able to get up next week. It will be decided where everyone is being placed after today. (Because I'm working out something with eBay if you know what I mean.). ;)

I will also be working on a giveaway soon. First off I want to say that the prize is DIGITAL and you will get VIA E-mail. (My parents aren't keen on giving out our address to anyone.)

But the giveaway probably won't start until I get a few more followers. Which brings me to another paragraph of this post! :) If it's not to much to ask, please spread the word about Southern Dolls as much as you can. I'm not trying to be greedy but I'm just hoping to pick up buisness by Christmas. :) We've all been there right? ;)

And lastly I wanted to tell everyone a Happy (late) Veterans Day!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anna's Vacation: Day Three

Ok Saturday was soooo boring for me! First Mama went to the beach.......WITHOUT ME! Then Mama went to lunch......WITHOUT ME! Then Mama went back to the beach until 4:00......W.I.T.H.O.U.T. M.E.!!!!! When she finally came back she said they were going to a few shops and that I could come. I said sure still kind of grumpy.

When we followed the signs that said "Shops", but I think we took a wrong turn because we ended up at a parking lot! So we turned around and decided to go to the store in the hotel. It was a sports store and basiclly had nothing for kids! So Mama just took some photos of me. (Because I guess she relized she hadn't at all that day!)

Grr...... Mama please stop taking pics of MY PIGEON TOES!!!
Well anyway, that completes my 3-part post of my vacation! I'm just working on my journalism skills so I may not be very good right now. I am eleven you know!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Anna'a Vacation: Day Two

Before I begin, Since Mama changed the blog photo above, she wanted me to put the old one here. (Just in case) ;)

Hi everyone! I'm here to give you day 2 of my vacation! This one is pretty long. I'm just giving you a warning! ;)
Anna's Vacation: Day Two

Friday morning was better than yesterday. I woke up after Mama yelled at me for the umpteenth time and got dressed. >:-P

By the way, please excuse my pigeon toes. I hate being pigeon toed and I try my best not to show it. Mama says it gives me an innocence but I think it gives you a lameness! If you look at some photos, you can see I purposely put my feet straight. ;)

After I got up, Mama said that they were going down to the pool......WITHOUT ME! I figured it was only the second day and I shouldn't get off to a bad start with Mama! ;)

While they were gone, I chilled out with a box of Cheerios and soda. Hey don't judge me! :)

When they got back, Mama told me that they were going to the mall and wanted to know if I would like to tag along. I think I said, "YES!!" a little to quickly. (As I was jumping up and down....) So I grabbed my camera and we were off. :D

Once we got there after taking a cab, we got to the mall. It was called "Adventura Mall" in Florida. We walked around a lot, but didn't go into as many stores as I thought we would.

After a while of walking around we went to the third floor to check out the AMC theater. Mama and her parents were deciding if they should get tickets or not. While they were deciding that, Mama took some photos of me.

^ I wanna see that, but Mama says were proably going to wait for the DVD to come out ^

Then they Mama said we were buying tickets tooooo.......

After we saw the movie, I thought it was great but could really do without the cussing. Mainly when the 11 year old kid says bad words. I thought the ending was cute though! I almost teared up a bit. :..) I can't tell you why though! ;) Atom (the robot) had a very innocent character. I loved the whole outline and meaning to the story.

After the movie, we went to San Rio which is a Hello Kitty store. That is Ivy's absolute favorite store!

Then we went to the Disney store and we spent more time in there being the BIG fans of Disney Mama and I are. Mama had been looking at the Disney Princess Toddler Dolls on the iPad app. (I have been too). :) She decided to get one, But it took more time deciding which one to get. Belle or Rapunzel? Mama is a big fan of both, as am I! She finally decided on Rapunzel and next time she got her "allowance" she would get Belle.

After we got back to the hotel, (after getting lost trying to flag down a cab!) Mama took a mini-photoshoot of Rapunzel. I just got shoved to the couch while she ripped open her box. (wow! Didn't see that coming!) I totally going to be kicked to the curb for the rest of this trip..... and of course Mama used my headband for Rapunzel.

Mama told me to say in this post, she will do a review on her in the near future!

Stay tuned for day 3!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Anna's Vacation: Day One

Hi I'm Anna! Of course I can't assume that everyone knows who I am so this is me.......

So Mama (A.K.A. Mickey's Girl) told me that it would be a good idea to do a post for each day I was on vacation, rather than having everything on one post! I was an vacation for 10 days but I didn't really do anything after the third day so this will be a 3-part post! I hope you enjoy my posts

Anna's Vacation: Day 1

Day 1 was probably the most stressful day of them all. Although I assume it's that way for most people. After I packed and hugged my cousins and sister, I headed out with Mama to the airport.
Once we finally got on the plane, I decided to get my iPad and neck pillow out and just relaaaax.......
Sorry! I zoned out for a minute there!
When we got off the plane, we took a ride in a cab to our hotel in Florida! The hotel was really nice and had around 35 floors! My Grandfather tried to get us a high room with an ocean view. Luckily he got it and we ended up on the 28 FLOOR WITH OCEAN AND BEACH VIEW! EEEP!! After my Mom set me down, I made a V line for the big bed!

^ This is definitely one of my favorite picture of the whole vacation ^
Of course I should have known that moment wouldn't last.

I was rudely interrupted by Mama, who said that the bed was her parents. Grr...... I hate sleeping on a couch!

Then it was around 10:00pm so I decided to settle down for the night with my iPad and stuffed friend Cargo.

Stay Tuned for Day 2!

P.S. Kit was shipped today. Wish her luck! And sorry this is up late, my iPod didn't upload it when it was supposed to!