Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Going to die!!!

OK first off I'd like to say that my mother is B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T.!! And that I want to thank her a billion times!!!!

So your probably wondering what I'm talking about, huh? Well if you read the last post, I said something about dealing with eBay right? Well I dealt with them successfully!!! But first I must take you back! (magical dreamy sounds)

Ever since I started to read Never Grow Up: Doll Guide, I fell in love with Beast's Belle's Gotz dolls. Mainly Tess Prescott. They are (in my opinion) as beautiful as AG dolls. I decided to ask Beast's Belle where she got her Tess doll and where I should find one. She said the best place to look was, eBay, Craig's list, and Bonanza. She also said to be patient with trying to find her which I took very seriously as I knew it wouldn't be easy to find her.

I looked constantly but all I found was a Tess that started too high in price and a Tess that had all of her bangs cut off. Of coarse I thought it was better to wait then to attempt to re-wig the one without bangs.

Then about a month later two came up at very decent prices. Me being the stupid person I am, didn't look into it and found that one of the two had disappeared and that it was a "Buy it now" item. I was so disappointed, mainly in myself for not looking more deeply.

Then, it all came down to one last Tess doll. She came with three outfits. She started at 10 dollars! But some "smart" person came along and bumped it up to 50 dollars when it came down to it. Since I just made money from a garage sale, I told my Mom (A.K.A. the bidding master) that I was willing to go up to 100 dollars. So I waited and waited until it was down to 3 minutes and suddenly more "smart" people wanted to raise the bids up! My (amazing) mother won the bidding at the last 3 SECONDS!! I won it for a solid 91 dollars which I knew would definitely take some of my money from next months allowance. ;)

I started freaking out! I was in the same room as her and here was our conversation when I won:

Me: Somebody bumped it up to 91 dollars. : (

Mom: That was me! : )

(Auction ended)

Me: You won!?

Mom: yup

(Me waiting to see if it was true....)

Me: (jumping up and down) Oh my gosh!!!

Mom: (laughing at my excitment)

And thats the end thank you!

Now I will be sitting in front of our door waiting for her to get here.