Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sick Thanksgiving

Hi guys! I've noticed not many people have been posting on Blogger lately. And I'm sure people are still sick from eating so much on Thanksgiving! :) I wanted to give everyone a few updates.

To start off my doll room finishing is going at a snails pace! My parents and I are moving furniture around which will give me TONS of room! I've been collecting small furniture at garage sales to put in that space.

Another update is (if you know who she is) I'm selling my magic attic doll, Heather and she is going for way more than I expected!

My last update is that I did take a few pics of my dolls on Thanksgiving so I will show you them in the next post hopefully. ;)

Thanks for putting up with my jabber! :)


  1. Hi Mickey's Girl! You won my GTD, I put up the award. As your mystery surprise, would you like a siggy? If so what colour themes do you want, and do you want it to say Mickey's Girl on it?

  2. Would you like the siggy Christmas themed? Thanks!