Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hunter has been a Naughty Girl: A Halloween Special

OK so last night I was wondering why Hunter was sooooo hyper. This morning, I got my answer! (P.S. Lanie is such a tattle tale). Lanie told me that Hunter had dug into my trick-or-treat bag and got some candy. So I went over to my trick-or-treat bag, only to find out that there were about 20 candy wrappers sitting on top.

I went to Hunter's room (with Lanie tagging along so happy because she busted her sister) and told her what Lanie told me. Hunter hesitantly admitted it after a while. I made her apologized and warned her that it might hurt her chances of getting presents from Santa. (Oh yeah I'm rough!). ;) But then after we all thought the issue was dissolved, I went to get my SD card from my camera so I could upload my vacation photos. But guess what I found?! THIS!!

 Grr.... I love Blogger when it uploads it sideways!

And I honestly don't know when or how these got onto my camera!! I asked everyone but they said no. (Which means (again) I have to turn into Sherlock Holmes!)  I mean it's not like the camera got up and took its own photos and magically jump back into it's case!

Well I guess I should wish everyone a.......


Also I finished the My Dolls page so feel free to check that out now!


  1. Great post! Just wanted to let you know, you won my scavenger hunt. Unfortunately, you have to wait until November 15th for your award. Great job...

  2. Oh sorry I just commented on your blog saying is there an award! Haha! Thanks and glad you enjoyed my post!