Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas dresses!

I finally got around to doing my dolls' Christmas photos! Sadly, I couldn't get all of my dolls' pictures because their lost in cyberspace! I did get: Ginny, Kit, Josefina, Lanie, Julie, Ivy, Kendall, Anna, Hunter and Tess.  Oh and just a side note here, most of the photos did not turn out well and came out rather fuzzy because they were in front of my window! I still couldn't do it outside so a window is the next best thing right? I hope you like them!

CAUTION: Loads of photos ahead!

 Kit Kittredge

 Clothes: (top to bottom) She's wearing the beret from the "Pretty in Plaid" outfit, Julie's meet shirt, Lanie's "Butterfly Dress" and Julie's "Calico Dress" boots.
 Tess Kingsley

 Tess is wearing: Julie's "Hat and Scarf set", A Gotz "Puppy Love" shirt under Julie's "Birthday Dress" and Ivy's meet boots.

 Maddie F.
 Ahh......the magic of stickers.
Maddie is wearing: Kit's meet hat, the 2011 My American girl long sleeve shirt under Lanie's meet dress and I think Samantha's boots?

 Ivy Ling
 That one came out nicely! :)
Ivy is wearing: Nellie's "Hat, Coat and Mittens" set, a random AG shirt, random AG jeans and Gotz shoes.

 Julie Albright

Julie is wearing: everything from Julie's "Calico Dress" except for the boots which are from Julie's "Walking Outfit".

 Hunter Holland
(I noticed in this photo that she has a few blonde highlights)
 There's an idea!
Hunter is wearing: Everything from Nellie's "Holiday Dress" except for hair bow.

 Lanie Holland

 I had to show everyone, Lanie's "Jackie Evancho" Scrabble tile necklace that I made. I will do a post about how to make it in a future post! ;)
Lanie is wearing: The 2002 "Starry Night" dress and some random shoes that happened to match!

 Ginny Weasly
(and then the sun came out! Hooray!)

Ginny is wearing: The headband from the 2002 "Ice Skating Outfit II", a homemade necklace and the 2003 "Party Dress Outfit" dress and boots.

 Anna Weasley

Anna is wearing: The long blue sleeve shirt from the "Pretty in Plaid" outfit, Kailey's meet dress and the boots from the "Sweet Melody Outfit"

 Josefina Montoya
(Anyone like her new 'do'?)

Josefina is wearing: Julie's meet hat, Tess's meet shirt, dress and boots from the "Pretty in Plaid" outfit.

I lost the full length photo of Kendall, but I found one that was almost full length as a substitute. :)

 Kendall Matthews
 Her new Scrabble tile necklace
^ My only substitute :) ^
Kendall is wearing: Everything from Nicki's "Gala Outfit".

The sad few that I lost the photos of I may take a few retakes and see if I can get them up! :) I hope you liked my pictures!

I have a blog coming hopefully before Christmas but I'm not 100 percent sure I'll be able to do it! It will be 5 of my dolls doing their own individual posts. I picked the most diverse personality so you can get their perspective on life.

Who are the 5 dolls you may ask?

Well that's a secret!

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