Thursday, December 8, 2011

Toys-R-Us Princess and Me Offer!

I was looking on the Toys-R-Us website for good sales. (since I'm still kinda broke from buying Tess!) Has anyone heard of the Princess and Me 18'' dolls? If not click HERE . Well anyway, They are having some great deals right now! I'm not 100% sure that their clothes will fit your AG dolls. They are 18'' but it does also account on body size soo..........yeah.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Their clothes do NOT fit AG dolls! (Thanks, Beast's Belle!) ;)

As far as I can see they are running two offers. (Besides already having a few items on sale!) Their first deal is that if you make a purchase of $50.00 or more you get a FREE doll wardrobe of a 34.99 dollar value. You can see this deal HERE .

There princess bed is on sale for 34.99 dollars. It was originally 44.99 so it is now 10 dollars off retail. You can see the bed HERE . It is a pink canopy bed.

Another deal is that if you buy one of their outfits, its a Buy-One Get-One deal. This includes all of the princesses outfits currently available. You can see this deal HERE .

The final deal qualifies for all items at Toys-R-Us. If you make a purchase of 50 dollars or more you get free shipping and earn 10% back on Christmas purchases.

I must keep Kendall and Josefina away from that website before they make me pull my hair out! ;)

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Mickey's Girl. :)

    Just to let you and your readers know, the Princess and Me clothes will NOT fit American Girl dolls. They have much slimmer bodies than AG. I've been told that their dresses should fit BFC Ink dolls, though. :)

  2. Thanks Beast'sBelle! I'll be sure to edit my post. : )

    Mickey's Girl