Saturday, December 3, 2011

Delay........(and contest!)

Hi everyone. It's pouring down rain here right now! Which means I cannot do the photoshoot right now. I'm thinking about doing it inside now. I ask my mom what the weather would be like the next few days and she said "Just like it is now" in which I smacked my head into the wall! I wouldn't ever dare to get my dolls wet! I mean, it looks like were living in London, England!!

Aside from that complete mess, Emma from Blog Designs by Emma is having a contest! The prize is a new blog design! To enter you have to comment on her blog saying I would like to enter and you have to do a post about it like I'm doing!  <<<< click it please!!!


  1. Yes, it is a pain when the weather keeps us inside, it has been so cold here it is impossible to go out and take photo's, it is soooooo brrrr ..


  2. I know Taryn! I hate it when weather traps us in our home! It's been raining all day!

    Mickey's Girl