Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Tag!

Hi everyone! This evening I was tagged by Beast's Belle from Never Grow Up: Doll Guide and this is the first time I've ever been tagged so I'm really excited to do this! :)

1) What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Mainly the decorations and having my Mother put on the Christmas station two months before Christmas! :)

Christmas decorations are always so uplifting and cheerful. We always put up our wooden nativity on our front yard. Music is also such a way to get you into the spirit of Christmas and celebrating Jesus's birth!

2) Who do you celebrate Christmas with?

Mainly my parents and I share it with my grandparents and relatives that they invite. :) Recently we've been sharing Christmas with some of my friend and their parents.

 Very rarely we spend it with my father's side of the family in Massachusetts. I love my relatives in Massachusetts! :)

3) What is your favorite gift you have ever received?

I had gotten Julie and Ivy on Christmas and I was so happy I almost cried! :) Both Julie and Ivy are still a few of my favorite dolls. :)

4) What are your favorite Christmas Carols?

"O Holy Night" by Josh Groban or Charlotte Church, "Home for the Holidays", "Silent Night" by either Micheal Buble or Gloria Estevan, "White Christmas" and "Mannheim Steamroller". :)

5) What is your favorite Christmas food?

Definitely Grandma's homemade Cherry Cheese Pie! :) Also I'm absolutely addicted to mashed potato's! ;)

6) Can you sleep on Christmas Eve?

I kind of depends on what gift I think I'm getting. ;) But mainly yes ever since I stopped believing in Santa Claus. :/ I mean don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against Santa I just don't believe he exist!

7) When do you wake up on Christmas morning?

Probably around 8:00 after a "lovely" wake-up call of my parents shouting "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" :D

8) What is your most memorable memory?

Once when I was 7-8 I came downstairs after my parents feel asleep and waited for morning to open my presents on Christmas Eve. I sat in front of the 9 ft. tree for hours! :D In the morning my parents found me sleeping next to the tree. :)

9) What are you Christmas traditions?

We pretty much change them every year by doing different games and such! :)

10) Do you have a real tree or an artificial tree?

I only remember us having a real tree once in my life. (Which isn't that long......but still!) We have had a 9 ft. artificial for a loooong time!

I tag:
Mackenzie Rae
and anyone else who would like to enter!

I hope to see your answers soon!


  1. Yay! I got tagged by you and Beast's belle!

    I will probably make my doll Kit do the tag once on and I will do it on!


  2. Great! I look forward to seeing your answers!

    Mickey's Girl

  3. Hi Mickey's Girl! Both the siggy, and your award is up on my blog!