Monday, June 11, 2012

Take-Two with Kit and update.

Hey guys! I'm so angry that I keep saying I'll put up the doll room tour and then I NEVER DO! Unfortunetly, my friends came over and they kind of messed it the rooms up......yeah. So I;m not saying when I'm doing it because I know I won't do it on time! ;) But hopefully I do it soon.

And in other news me and one of my friends created a new show called Take-Two with Kit. It's kind of inspired from Take-Two with Phineas an Ferb from the Disney Channel. It just a fun 2 to 3 minute show that we make. We dress our dolls to look like famous singers, actors, etc. The link is at the bottom if anyone would like to check it out. If you like it then please follow the blog! P.S. Our voices are disguised in the videos. ;)

Also, if anyone knows how to get video quality up without loading it on YouTube, please tell me! Thank you!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Blog Design and Other Things

Well? Who likes it? I'm planning to keep it like this for a while. It's just more elegant than my usual designs. :)

Since Picnik has closed, I've been using PicMonkey. It's a good substitute, but I need to figure out how to use all of it. The collage above is made with PicMonkey. The site is really nicely designed with fun photos like cookie cutters for the resizing button! If you want to add stickers, text, etc. to your collage, then you have to make the collage, save it and enter it in again. It's not exactly convenient, but I'll do it! ;) I had to re-size my collage and when I did it made the quality lessen. If you chose the highest quality saver then it comes out a lot better! The only disadvantage is that it has a huge file size. For people who haven't found a substitute yet, I recommend this! :)

And last thing. My doll room post should be up in the next day or two. I'm almost done cleaning it so I just need take the photo and wait FOREVER for Blogger to upload it. ;) Please stay tuned!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Disney Store Releases!

Okay someone stop me before I spend WAY too much money on the "Brave" merchandise! I would go to the store right now, run to the "Brave" section and say: "I want that and that and that....oh and that!", but alas, with the wisdom I have (which is not much for a 12 year old girl) I'm not willing to spend TOO much money on that stuff......just a little?

Tell me this isn't one of the cutest things you've ever seen!

I only wish they gave they individual faces. :(

When you press Angus's nose, he makes sounds.

Friday, May 11, 2012

5 Doll Comparison! (NAKED DOLLS)

Hello people! I got my different types of dolls together and took around 30 photos. I finally got my old quilt back for photos!! Enjoy!

I have 5 different types of dolls. American Girl Dolls, Gotz, Hearts 4 Hearts Girls, Bitty Babies and Alexander Girlz. Please don't disaprove of my pros and cons. Their simply my opinion and you are free to disagree, but I honestly don't want to hear it. ;) P.S. These poor dolls have lost their dignity when they took their clothes off, so please have respect. hehe ;)

1. American Girl Dolls / Pleasant Company
Model: Kendall


American Girl Dolls: 18 inches
Place to buy new: AG Store or Online
1. Hair is silky and the best quality.
2. Body is sturdy and stuffed tightly so no squishy spots.
3. Their vinyl is sturdy and not squeezeable (unless put to extreme heat).
4. If not rough housed with, their legs stay tight.
5. Beautifully and realisticly designed faces.
1. Very expensive and over the last 3 years, AG have raised the price by 5 dollars yearly. The current (2012) price is $105.
2. If rough housed with, it is hard to re-string your dolls legs and if you want them to be done by the doll hospital it could cost you a lot.
3. Their prone to get marks on their vinyl.
Tags and Marks:
P.S. Any doll made after 2011 have a longer tag and any doll that is with Pleasant Company will have one, short tag. The marks on the back of their necks vary between Pleasant Company and American Girl.

2. Gotz Little Sister
Model: Tess
Gotz Little Sisters: 181/2 inches

Places to buy new: eBay, Craig's List etc.

1. Great quality hair.
2. Cute, Bitty Baby like face.
3. Vinyl is also very sturdy unless put to heat.
4. She is built exactly like an American Girl Doll, so it's easier for restringing etc.
5. She can fit into almost anything AG.

1. Her body needs more stuffing so she tends to have standing problems and pigeon toes.
2. I don't know why, but she when she stands she tends to have a hunchback look.
3. She is retired so she is harder to find on the market. I got my Tess for around the cost of an AG on eBay. I suggest eBay or Craig's List.
Tags and Marks:
3. Alexander Girlz
Model: Madison
Alexander Girlz: 19 inches

Places to buy new: Costco

1. Pretty faces.
2. She has a posable head which is good for photos.
3. Her chest is plastic so it looks more realistic with dresses and sleeveless shirts.
4. She is only around 30 dollars so if something were to happen you would have put a huge investment in her.
5. She can fit most AG shoes and shirts.

1. Her hair is horrible quality and comes in tangles. If you plan on having this doll a while, you better have a wig on hand.
2. Her limbs can become loose very quickly so handle with care because they cannot be restrung like AG and Gotz due to her chest.
3. She does not have much stuffing in her stomach so AG pants have a tendancy to fall down.

Tags and Marks:
(If you haven't guessed, shes on an Operation game box)

4. Hearts 4 Hearts Girls
Model: Dell
(Her hair is usually really nice and down, but I have left her hair in french braids for a month or two so it kind of went where it wanted) :)

Hearts 4 Hearts Girls: 14 inches

Places to buy new: Target, Wal-Mart, Toys-r-Us etc.
1. She has plastic body so she looks better in certain clothes.
2. She has the best rooted hair I've seen.
3. Gorgeous faces with perfect details.
4. Only 30 dollars per doll.

1. She can't be re-strung.
2. She has bald spots.

I did have a few more photos, but I deleted them after I thought Blogger posted it, so sadly this is the end. ;) I hope you enjoyed my comarison post! The next post up should be my (long, long, long awaited) doll room tour! Hooray!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

So Sorry!

Ok.....this may have been the second time I've title a post with that.........that's sad. Anyway, hello followers and viewer who have stuck with me at this point! :) I'm terribly sorry for my absence. You all probably thought I was MIA or something! Blogger and Gmail have been giving me a hard time and I've been busier than I ever have been. I'm hoping to start posting regularly now so please, please have faith in me!

A few updates: My newest dolls are still Mia and Lindsey and I haven't made a purchase from AG in a few months. I think my mom, grandmother and I are going to the AG place soon and I may be getting a new doll with the money I've been saving. :)

My next post should be up in the next day or so and it will be a doll comparison post so stay tuned!! :)

Editors Note: Grr please excuse the graininess of my photo. Since Picnik is gone I'm doing my best to find a new program. :(

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Alive! (and other news)

Okay, can I start off by saying I'm: so so so so so so so so so sorry!! I haven't posted since the 22nd!! I guess I took a unannounced break? Either way it's totally my fault and I hope I can back into the swing of things. I was going to tell you what I got for my birthday, correct? Well here it is!!

Lindsey and Mia!! Okay you thought I freaked when I saw Mia? You should have seen my face when I saw Lindsey's book covering the peep hole in an AG box (that I found out Mom had discreatly stolen).  Turns out my mom had Kanani, Mia and Lindsey before Christmas! She just decided what order to give me them in. I told her I thought I was getting Mia for Christmas, so she gave me Kanani. Then I told her I thought I wasn't getting a doll and she gives me two?! That's freakin' awesome. Please don't say I'm spoiled!
I have started a new Flickr account. This one is strictly for "professional" AG photography, etc, etc. My user name is *hopeless agression* but it's written in a weird font. Here's a LINK. I'll give you a preview of what's on my account.

Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today is the day: 12

It's the big day! (not really) On this day, Feb. 22 I, Mickey's Girl turned 12! So I'm bored but my mom and I are seeing a movie later. Journey 2 or The Secret World of Arrietty. I can't decide.... Their quite different. Maybe I'll do a review on the one I saw.... Am I talking too much? Probably... Haven't been on here in a long time.....sorry.....

Anyway! I'm doing my party on Saturday so I'll do a present post a few days after probably.(Grr.... My mom is singing to Josh Groban....I'm not going to survive this!) I guess I don't have a lot to say. Thanks to everyone who has been following my blog even though I haven't been quite recent.

I gotta go watch Doctor Who.....excuse me! :)