Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Alive! (and other news)

Okay, can I start off by saying I'm: so so so so so so so so so sorry!! I haven't posted since the 22nd!! I guess I took a unannounced break? Either way it's totally my fault and I hope I can back into the swing of things. I was going to tell you what I got for my birthday, correct? Well here it is!!

Lindsey and Mia!! Okay you thought I freaked when I saw Mia? You should have seen my face when I saw Lindsey's book covering the peep hole in an AG box (that I found out Mom had discreatly stolen).  Turns out my mom had Kanani, Mia and Lindsey before Christmas! She just decided what order to give me them in. I told her I thought I was getting Mia for Christmas, so she gave me Kanani. Then I told her I thought I wasn't getting a doll and she gives me two?! That's freakin' awesome. Please don't say I'm spoiled!
I have started a new Flickr account. This one is strictly for "professional" AG photography, etc, etc. My user name is *hopeless agression* but it's written in a weird font. Here's a LINK. I'll give you a preview of what's on my account.

Have a great weekend!!!

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