Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! I am back from my trip and I wanted to give a quick post to everyone. Anna will be doing a 3-part post of her time in Florida before we got on the cruise in which I basiclly left her behind...... :)
The trip was wonderful. We went on a 7-DAY cruise to a few islands. I was very hot at every stop we made! Grr..... :) I was in the 9-11 year old room about 80% of the time though! Hehe. ;) Anna will try to do her post tomorrow but its Halloween though. Sooooo..........Yeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh................K BYE!

Any questions? Post request? Fan mail?

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hi, I want to tell my viewers that I will be gone for 10 days starting today. I will be back the 30th. I'm doing this off my iPod so sorry that this is a quick post.

I am bringing a doll. She is Anna and she is not currently on the My Dolls page. She is MAG #35 and also in my blog button to the right. You can expect a lot of photos when I get back.

I may be able to do a post at sometimes due to Internet connection.

Thank you and bye!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Garage Sale Finds Part 2

Hi everyone! IT'S MICKEY'S GIRL HERE! Ok first off I would like to say, I'm sorry for not posting in a while and I will be going on vacation for 10 days and will not be able to post during that time. But we'll get back to that later!

So once again, I went garage saling! And I go a bit overboard when we go garage saling! We went Friday and Saturday and I spent all of the 20 bucks I had! So I decided to make this a (sorta) series! ENJOY!

Ok so I got a small picture frame sized for my AG doll. I printed out a photo of Julie and cut to the size needed. (2"x1"1/2)  $0.50

Then I got another frame! I printed a large picture of Anna and cut it in half. ( 2"1/2 x 3" 1/2)

Ok, this item may (make that, is!) be R@n:DoM but I thought it was unusual!

Probably my best find of the day was this locker from Limited Too (now known as Justice). I guess is was used for a jewelery box of some sort? The detail on it was cool and its made out of metal, which, I can put bottlecaps on! It has shelves inside so it's great for storage!

After I found that awesome item, I found this small totem pole, which, will go with Lanie's cultural collection! The lady who sold it said she had it about 40 years!

At the same place I found that, I found this pair of small Teddy Bears. Their a little small for AG dolls but I knew that would happen when I got them. :)
$0.50 (both)

Next I found this Winnie the Pooh and Piglet storage box. I decided I'll use it for my Christmas doll who will be a major Disney fan! (And I put the Pooh bobble head on top). ;)

Finally I found a big bag of play food that you would give to kids 3+. I sorted out what I thought was porportionate to my dolls. (Because I strive for perfection) :). I'm only showing you what was porportionate. Lets say three-forths of the bag worked for my dolls.

It came with:
 A box of Vanilla Wafers, a box of Hamburger Helper, two boxes of Cheerios, two boxes of Old El Paso Taco Shells, and a Mcdonald's menu.
 11 krinkle fries, a box with Mcdonald's fries, a normal box of french fries, chicken nuggets, cookies, and three Pringles/Lays.
A Mcflurry, a fizzy soda bottle, a bottle of ketchup, two twisty bagguetes, a green bell pepper, a ice cream cone, a scoop of ice cream, and a pretzel.

Well that's everything I got! I will be bringing a doll on my vacation and will do a major picture post when I get back. I will try and tell you more tomorrow!

Have a post request? E-mail!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Blog Button

Hi everyone. Just a short post today saying I made a new Button on and if you want to, please put this on your blog. Thank you!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Madame Alexander Doll Review 18"

Good Evening! Mickey's Girl here to give you my awaited review on my Madame Alexander Doll!

My Madame Alexander or "Alexander Girlz" is sold currently at Costco for $25.99 but with tax adds up to around $30.00. So I thought I should do a product review on her.


To start I would like to say that Alexander Girlz are 181/2" inches not 18".

She does have a vinyl chest which makes her appear to look better in shirts and dresses. Her body however, in my opinion, is not stuffed as needed. Due to that, AG or Gotz doll's pants and skirts might fall off her behind or may be loose. Shirts, by AG etc. fit her quite well and look better due to vinyl chest like I said.
 Profile shot

Her head goes up, down, and side to side which, I got really excited about because I love doing Photography! One of her eyes has a tendency to try and close more than the other which is making me frusterated! :) Her face is absolutley beautiful.

Another thing I would like to point out is that her legs have worn out more in a week than my AG doll has in a year! I got Maddie a week ago and got Julie around this time last year and Julie has held up better. This is a disadvantage because I am not rough with my dolls that it would be like that.

(Excuse the off center photo of Julie)

Also if you happened to see that little bit of wavyness in Maddie's hair, that happened when I got her because she had two braids in her hair. I have soaked her wavy hair a bit and put in under some heavy books so I'm hoping that will help it. She kind of looks like Hermione Granger. : D
Since were on the topic of her hair, I would like to point out that Alexander Girlz hair is rooted. I personally do not like rooted hair compared to one with wigs (AG/Gotz). I have had bad experience with rooted hair but I must say that Maddie's hair is very high quality compared to other dolls with rooted hair. Now compared to AG dolls I would say that theirs no competition, AG wins.

Thats all right now that I could tell you! Tomorrow I'll be doing a comparison of Alexander Girlz against AG dolls. I'll try and get it up there but I may not due to schoolwork and hometeam at our church.

Thanks anyway! BYE

 :) Mickey's Girl (:

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Garage Sale finds!

Hi everyone! Mickey's Girl here to show you some things I got going to garage sales today! I'm not showing you everything like the things I got for myself because, (1) It's boring stuff and (2) It"s personal!! So no snooping! ;)

I asked Maddie to do some modeling. Of course she said no because she hates having her photo taken and she's not the girly type. So I gave her 2 bucks to do it.

OK first off I got a small Guinea Pig stuffed animal for one of my dolls to have as a pet. $0.25

Then I bought this animal tray with lions and zebras to serve food on. (doll food) ;) It fit on Maddie's hands without me needing to put a ponytail on them. $1.00

Then I got this Monsters Inc. figure set. New in the box. I know Maddie really wanted to play with them. I told her it's for the doll I'm getting for Christmas and that she can't open it. It came with Mike, Sully, George Sanderson, Randall, Needleman, and Figus. $0.50

Then I found a Pooh Bear bobble head....well he doesn't exactly "bobble" his head but that's fine. Pooh had chipped paint off his nose, eyebrows, and shirt. I took a black Sharpie and covered his nose and eyebrows. I need to find a red one later for his shirt! :) $0.05

Then I found a few different frames. The smallest is painted gold and will hold a "wallet sized" photo ($0.50). The next one is covered in jewels and is slightly heavy, It's about the size of Maddie's head ($1.00). The last one looks like a flip-flop. It's kind of funny that the flip-flop frame is bigger than AG or Maddie's feet :) ($0.50).

Then I came across a small figure of EVE sadly, they didn't have Wall-E..... She doesn't have a stand so she can't stand up on her own, I'll probably figure a way to make her stand. Her head won't stay center and keeps leaning to the side. She has one normal hand and the other is her gun hand. I couldn't get Maddie to hold her due to EVE's round body. $0.20 (hey wasnt that much of a loss!) ;)

After I got that I found a picture of Peter walking across the water with Jesus. I'm not sure if I want to use for my dolls or me. :) $1.00 (although it should be free) ;)

Then I found a strange little box that looked kind of Egyptian? It's gold as has small fake diamonds and jewels. It's a very beautiful piece. $0.25 (pretty cheap for such a beautiful little box!) :)

Then I got this Hello Kitty hair clip. I wouldn't have picked it but it came with the Guinea Pig along with some arm bangles. In my opinion it's too big for their hair and Lord knows I don't like Hello Kitty. :) I'm sure Ivy will find a use for it cause she's the real fan! $0.25

This was also in the bag with the arm bangles and Hello Kitty clip above. It was the main reason (besides the Guinea Pig) that I bought that bag. It was a key chain that holds your money and it's the perfect size for my dolls! The zipper has a rose on it which reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. :) It looks like it's made out of faux leather. $0.25

Then I got the monkey from Kung Fu Panda to add to Ginny's collection. It's really from McDonald's. If you push it to the side it will jump and flip. $0.25
Finally I got a vintage figure of Strawberry Shortcake for Kendall's collection. She's absolutley adorable! I really don't like the "new" Strawberry Shortcake because to me I think their trying to make her look more mature which, in my opinion, is their worst idea ever. Strawberry Shortcake is not supposed to look 13 years old! $0.05

Thank you for looking and I will attempt to do Maddie's product review tomorrow. :)

Mickey's Girl

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Maddie is here!

Hi everyone! This is very excited Mickey's Girl here! My Mom told me we could go to Costco today because she needed to pick some things up also and I got the doll! I would have taken a picture of her in the box but I was so excited I opened her in the car! I'll be doing a product review on her later or tomorrow but for now this is Maddie!

Now her hair I know is frizzy and I'll explain that "issue" when I do her review. She will be coming out with her own blog with one of my other dolls. (Most likely Julie or Ginny) I'll tell you when were gonna start that. Trust me we'll probably do it tonight. ;)

I have decided that her name will be Maddie short for Madeline. She's a major tomboy with a lot of sarcasm.....and that's an understatement! I could already tell she wasn't loving the dress or all of the photos. (Trust me you ain't seeing even a forth of the pictures I took!)