Thursday, October 6, 2011

Maddie is here!

Hi everyone! This is very excited Mickey's Girl here! My Mom told me we could go to Costco today because she needed to pick some things up also and I got the doll! I would have taken a picture of her in the box but I was so excited I opened her in the car! I'll be doing a product review on her later or tomorrow but for now this is Maddie!

Now her hair I know is frizzy and I'll explain that "issue" when I do her review. She will be coming out with her own blog with one of my other dolls. (Most likely Julie or Ginny) I'll tell you when were gonna start that. Trust me we'll probably do it tonight. ;)

I have decided that her name will be Maddie short for Madeline. She's a major tomboy with a lot of sarcasm.....and that's an understatement! I could already tell she wasn't loving the dress or all of the photos. (Trust me you ain't seeing even a forth of the pictures I took!)

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