Saturday, October 8, 2011

Garage Sale finds!

Hi everyone! Mickey's Girl here to show you some things I got going to garage sales today! I'm not showing you everything like the things I got for myself because, (1) It's boring stuff and (2) It"s personal!! So no snooping! ;)

I asked Maddie to do some modeling. Of course she said no because she hates having her photo taken and she's not the girly type. So I gave her 2 bucks to do it.

OK first off I got a small Guinea Pig stuffed animal for one of my dolls to have as a pet. $0.25

Then I bought this animal tray with lions and zebras to serve food on. (doll food) ;) It fit on Maddie's hands without me needing to put a ponytail on them. $1.00

Then I got this Monsters Inc. figure set. New in the box. I know Maddie really wanted to play with them. I told her it's for the doll I'm getting for Christmas and that she can't open it. It came with Mike, Sully, George Sanderson, Randall, Needleman, and Figus. $0.50

Then I found a Pooh Bear bobble head....well he doesn't exactly "bobble" his head but that's fine. Pooh had chipped paint off his nose, eyebrows, and shirt. I took a black Sharpie and covered his nose and eyebrows. I need to find a red one later for his shirt! :) $0.05

Then I found a few different frames. The smallest is painted gold and will hold a "wallet sized" photo ($0.50). The next one is covered in jewels and is slightly heavy, It's about the size of Maddie's head ($1.00). The last one looks like a flip-flop. It's kind of funny that the flip-flop frame is bigger than AG or Maddie's feet :) ($0.50).

Then I came across a small figure of EVE sadly, they didn't have Wall-E..... She doesn't have a stand so she can't stand up on her own, I'll probably figure a way to make her stand. Her head won't stay center and keeps leaning to the side. She has one normal hand and the other is her gun hand. I couldn't get Maddie to hold her due to EVE's round body. $0.20 (hey wasnt that much of a loss!) ;)

After I got that I found a picture of Peter walking across the water with Jesus. I'm not sure if I want to use for my dolls or me. :) $1.00 (although it should be free) ;)

Then I found a strange little box that looked kind of Egyptian? It's gold as has small fake diamonds and jewels. It's a very beautiful piece. $0.25 (pretty cheap for such a beautiful little box!) :)

Then I got this Hello Kitty hair clip. I wouldn't have picked it but it came with the Guinea Pig along with some arm bangles. In my opinion it's too big for their hair and Lord knows I don't like Hello Kitty. :) I'm sure Ivy will find a use for it cause she's the real fan! $0.25

This was also in the bag with the arm bangles and Hello Kitty clip above. It was the main reason (besides the Guinea Pig) that I bought that bag. It was a key chain that holds your money and it's the perfect size for my dolls! The zipper has a rose on it which reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. :) It looks like it's made out of faux leather. $0.25

Then I got the monkey from Kung Fu Panda to add to Ginny's collection. It's really from McDonald's. If you push it to the side it will jump and flip. $0.25
Finally I got a vintage figure of Strawberry Shortcake for Kendall's collection. She's absolutley adorable! I really don't like the "new" Strawberry Shortcake because to me I think their trying to make her look more mature which, in my opinion, is their worst idea ever. Strawberry Shortcake is not supposed to look 13 years old! $0.05

Thank you for looking and I will attempt to do Maddie's product review tomorrow. :)

Mickey's Girl

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