My Dolls

This is a short story of each of my dolls and how their personalities are. They are shown in the order I bought them. Enjoy!

Writers Note: I apoligize for you not being able to see Samantha's wig, as I will replace photo soon.

Samantha Parkington: Samantha was the one to start the collection and is the oldest. She is the one who is mostly in charge when Mom, AKA Mickey's Girl, is not around currently. She likes to read more than movies. Her favorite book is "Tom Sawyer" and "The Princess and the Frog". She trys to be a good influence on other people. She's shy and quiet but when you get to know her she's an absolute spark plug!  She was rewigged after I got serious about collecting dolls.

Stacy Larson: Twin sister to Kirsten and cousin to Samantha and Julie, she has no self-control and you could say, she goes by the beat of her own drum. She prefers to run around the house in her PJs the whole weekend, she likes to stay with the people who actually put up with her and she's not really a reading or a movie person. Lets just say she entertains her self somehow........

Kirsten Larson: Twin sister to Stacy and cousin to Samantha and Julie, She is possibly the most quiet of the girls. She'd rather stay in her room all day reading "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens, 5 times over. Although "Great Expectations" is not her favorite novel as it is "Alice in Wonderland". For that reason she collects things that are related to "Alice in Wonderland". Her most prized possession is her Rabbit snowglobe.  She especially loves the "Alice in Wonderland" remake by Tim Burton.

Ginny Weasly: Sister to Anna, cousins to Hunter and Lanie, Ginny is very hyper at some points and very crazy at others. She's like a kid who ate all of her candy from Halloween in one night! She is the one who could be called the "Traveling Doll" as she has been on more than 10 trips. She perfectly fine with wearing a poofy dress or khaki shorts. If you haven't guessed yet, she is named after Harry Potter's girlfriend. As soon as I named her that it kind of stuck. She will admit that her sister looks more like Ginny Weasly than she does.

Josefina Montoya: With no sibling and cousins, Kendall and Julie, Josefina is about as quiet as Kirsten. She prefers making crafts in her room. She is timid around everyone but Julie, who welcomes her with open arms. This picture was taken a few years ago. She has now been repaired and had a Downy Dunk. She wishes get a new wig in the future and look feel like a new doll.

Kit Kittredge: Probably the most "disturbed" of the girls, Kit has no siblings or cousins what so ever. Maybe that has something to do with her mental issues. Her best friend is Ivy but she's not sure how much more Hello Kitty she can take. She was best friends with Ginny until Lanie arrived and it seemed Ginny wanted to spend more time with Lanie. She trys to act normal about it but secretly wants Ginny back as her best friend again. Her main interests are Pixar movies, (mainly Monsters Inc.) Cabbage Patch Dolls and Lilo and Stitch.

Lanie Holland: With sister, Hunter and cousins, Ginny and Hunter, Lanie is the most lively of the bunch. She is very interested in culture of other countries more than nature. Her most prized possession is her jewel case from Egypt. Her best friend is Ginny but enjoys the company of Anna and Kendall as well. She is very upbeat and glass is always half-full type of person. She wishes to get contacts one day but her Mom (A.K.A. Mickey's Girl)  says her glasses gives her character.

Julie Albright: Cousins to Kendall, Josefina, Kirsten and Stacy, Julie has no sisters. Her roomate is her cousin, Kendall who she doesn't really enjoy the company of. She likes to hang out with Lanie and Ivy who have simular personalities as her. She has a very mixed personality which no one can really describe. She's very happy most of the time and loves to dance. You'll always she her smiling!

Ivy Ling: With no siblings or cousins, Ivy is a Hello Kitty FANATIC and thats a understatement! She is very upbeat and has that sort of "Hippie" attitude. She loves the company of Kit and Julie the most and cannot stand Kendall. She wants her Mom to make her Hello Kitty PJs. She also hopes to own her own "San Rio" store someday.

Kendall Matthews: With no siblings and cousins, Julie and Josefina, Kendall is totally the Fashionista! During school she draws fashion designs in her note book. She barely ever wears an outfit without a touch of pink in it. If it doesn't have pink in it, it's most likely her Mom made her wear it. She enjoys the company of Anna and Hunter. She however doesn't enjoy the company of Julie and Ivy.

Anna Weasly: With sister, Ginny and cousins, Lanie and Hunter, Anna is most like her Mom. Apperance and attitude. She has a very comedic personality and cracks jokes right and left. She doesn't really dislike anyone in the bunch. Shes very grouchy in the mornings and finally wakes up more around 11:00am. Her best friend is Hunter but they haven't spoken is a few months.

Hunter Holland: With sister, Lanie and cousins Ginny and Anna, Hunter is very upbeat and positive about everything that happens. She despises her middle name "Beezus" and whoever says it she basiclly wants to punch! Her favorite book/movie is "The Little Mermaid" as you can see her Sebastian necklace in the photo. She hopes to grow up and write children books.

Maddie Fitzherbert: With no siblings nor cousins, Maddie is a total tomboy with a mega attitude problem. She doesn't think before she says things. She also enjoys the Avengers, Fantasy creatures and Harry Potter although she hates when people say she looks like Hermione Granger because of her hair. She hope to write children books and improve her writing through blogging. She likes hanging out with Julie who is a fellow Harry Potter and Avenger fan.

Tess Kingsley:  Being a daring 11 year old, Tess Kingsley is not the quiet girl you would expect. She loves to play outside and not afraid to get dirty on the way. She enjoys having tree climbing contests with her friends and raking the leaves just to jump in them when in a pile. Her interest include: Tangled, Harry Potter, Peter Pan and playing outside of course! Her closest friends are Hunter, Stacy and Maddie.
Kanani Akina: This sporty 12 year old is not the best at making decisions. She's best friends with Lanie Holland. She despises McKenna because she said she "replaced" her in the GOTY postision. She love swimming and photography just like any other Kanani! 

McKenna Brooks: This super insecure 12 year old is always loving and caring to others! She tries despretley to be Kanani's friend, but gets nothing in return. Her biggest adventure would be going to Washington D.C.. She got to pose in front of the Capital Building. (picture to the left) She love anything to do with gymnastics and gets all her friends to join in. Anna would probably be the bestest friend she has. She hopes to someday see her friends, Toulane and Josie again.

Amelia St. Clair: This spunky 12 year old is wild and fearless. Her smile can lighten up anyones day. Her name is Amelia, but she prefers to be called Mia. She has two alternative personalities which makes her "glitch" every now and then. She likes being Mia better. She's super talkative and jumps up and down when she's happy. She never wears drab clothes or a dull hairstyle. She loves rollerskating and anything with wheels on the bottom. She can't ride a bike which she likes to hide as much as possible. She also hates ice skating, but she's actually very good at it. She's willing to do it for a friend. Never a dull moment with Mia!



  1. What about your bitty baby?
    Doesn't she have a personality too?

  2. Yes of course Anonymus, but I tend to only put my 18 inchers on this page. Thanks for your concern! ;)

    Mickey's Girl

  3. What kind of dolls are Maddie and Tess?

  4. Maddie is a Alexander Girlz doll, made by Madame Alexander. I bought her from Costco and I haven't seen her anywhere else.

    Tess is a Gotz doll. She's very hard to find and I payed a little too much for her! :) I got her off eBay, but you could try Craig's List as well.

    No problem,
    Mickey's Girl