Monday, June 11, 2012

Take-Two with Kit and update.

Hey guys! I'm so angry that I keep saying I'll put up the doll room tour and then I NEVER DO! Unfortunetly, my friends came over and they kind of messed it the rooms up......yeah. So I;m not saying when I'm doing it because I know I won't do it on time! ;) But hopefully I do it soon.

And in other news me and one of my friends created a new show called Take-Two with Kit. It's kind of inspired from Take-Two with Phineas an Ferb from the Disney Channel. It just a fun 2 to 3 minute show that we make. We dress our dolls to look like famous singers, actors, etc. The link is at the bottom if anyone would like to check it out. If you like it then please follow the blog! P.S. Our voices are disguised in the videos. ;)

Also, if anyone knows how to get video quality up without loading it on YouTube, please tell me! Thank you!

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