Monday, January 2, 2012

Mckenna Brooks!

Hello my faithful followers! I went to the AG store today but I didn't get photos because my camera was dead. (I think) I took a few photos of Mckenna in the car before I opened her. Sorry they may be low quality because they were taken with my iPod. ;)

I brought Lanie so she could keep Kanani occupied. (In other words, I brought Lanie to make sure Kanani didn't whine about Mckenna!)
 Here's her!! I was dying to open her!

Her outfit is adorable!
I told you it wasn't very good quality! ;)

 Her hair is really cool! What's very unique about her hair is that she has no hairline so you can part her hair anyway you want it!
I also bought these glasses. I think they look better on Kanani. ;)

If you want to check out Kanani's new post on 'The 5 Little Bloggers' then click HERE ! :)



  1. She is beautiful, and looks great in glasses, I could almost want to bring her home, but NO MORE GIRLS for me .. LOL!!


  2. McKenna is adorable! Thanks for sharing pics! :)

  3. Hey, you can never have too many girls TracAn! ;)

    Thanks, Beast'sBelle! :)

    Mickey's Girl

  4. Hi Mickey's Girl! I just found your blog recently and I really like it. :)

    Congrats on getting McKenna! Yours is absolutely stunning. I'm not sure if I'll get her or not (she looks a lot like some of the other dolls around here already), but the more I look a pictures like yours, the more I'm falling in love with her! :}

    Thanks for sharing the pictures! :)


  5. Hi, Claire! Thanks for seeing my blog!

    Mckenna is absolutley beautiful! I thought that she looked way to much like Chrissa. I saw her in person and trust me she's way more beautiful than photos! :)

    Mickey's Girl