Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The 5 Little Bloggers has it's first post!

Hey guys! Just a quick post to tell you all that "The 5 Little Bloggers" just made it's first post a few minutes ago releasing who are the dolls participating! If you want a direct link then click HERE .

I plan on my next "big" post to be what I got for Christmas etc. so please stay on the lookout for that post because I'm absolutley overwhelmed by what I got! :) Thank you for reading such a short post!

A little more about me! (Request from Taryn and Marsali)

Request by Taryn and Marsali
(Thanks Guys)

A Little More About Me

I am 11 years old and turning 12 in February. OBVIOUSLY I love AG dolls as well as Gotz and Madame Alexander dolls. I currently own 14 AG dolls, 2 Alexander Girlz dolls, and 1 Gotz doll. 4 of my AG dolls came from garage sales, 3 I bought myself, and the rest was bought by my wonderful parents who spend way too much on me in the first place! :) With that said can I say that my family is not rich! We are on a budget sometimes and my parents know the value of my dolls and make sure I don't ruin them. (In other words, they know that AG is a freaking gold mine!) :)

If there is one thing my family is obsessed with it's anything Disney! No seriously, were addicted! You won't walk in one room in our house without seeing something Disney. My parents like to collect memorabilia, my grandparents like to collect the ornaments and I like to collect all the little plush and pins. :)

I am a Christian and I love my church and wish I could go there everyday! I know that God sent Jesus to come to earth to save us from our sins and give us a way to heaven. :) My favorite Bible character would be Paul for many reasons.

Now these are few of my favorite things. (I'm not about to sing if that's what you though!) ;). My favorite food is mashed potatoes. hehe. My favorite drink is Coca-Cola. My favorite book would be either Kingdom Keepers series or Peter and the Starcatcher series. Both were written by Ridley Pearson who is my favorite author. :) My favorite TV show would be Good Luck Charlie or Wizards of Waverly Place. My favorite movie is probably either the Toy Story trilogy or Tangled. My favorite "Disney Classic" is Beauty and the Beast. My favorite Disney princess is either Rapunzel (if that counts) or Belle. (cause she's not too girly if you know what I mean!) ;) My favorite Disney character over all is Stitch (I'm ADDICTED to Lilo and Stitch!) or Rapunzel. Hey, is anyone noticing I'm kind of into Tangled? hehe ;)

If you have any more questions or post request don't hesitate to comment because I know allow people without Google accounts to comment as well. EVERY COMMENT will be revised before shown to the public! Thanks for understanding! :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry (late) Christmas!

Hey guys! Sorry I'm a bit late with posting this but I've too much fun playing with my stuff! I'm sure we all get a little overexcited and forget the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus, our Savior, was born Christmas day and I hope you all know that's the true meaning in your hearts. :)

I'm very excited to show you all what I got but that will have to wait until I take a few more pics. ;) I'm really lacking posts and I'm so sorry about that! I have now a few planned for the future so stay on the lookout. ;)

I got my dolls all one big present this year because I lacked getting them presents in time. They share my gifts too considering 99% of my present are AG. :)

Does anyone notice I lack a lot of things?

Two more things to say! AG has given out info to different sources throughout these past few months. They had to promise (or in a more "adult" way, sign a contract) that they would not release this info until at least Dec. 26 which is today!

I have one link that you must look at because it has the most adorable photos of her! I have to say that I do not own this website or the photos that it contains. Bongga Finds has a few photos of her accessories that will be available Jan.1 .

OK and the final thing is that I will be going to one of the AG stores the first few days of Jan. I can't say which because that would give out where I live! ;) I will take tons of photos (as you all know I do!) so you won't miss out on the debut of Mckenna!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Once again the amazing blog, Doll Diaries has done it again! They are the first to discover the Girl of the Year 2012 in a magazine!! All photos are 100% Doll Diaries rights! To see article click HERE .

I honestly think that this is not AG's best work. She looks like a rewigged Chrissa! They are making a movie as some of you may know which means they may release 3 dolls like 2009. Sorry, this photo is a bit distorted.......

Mckenna Brooks will join us this January!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dell is here!

For some of you who don't know, I bought a Hearts 4 Hearts Dell doll from Costco for 10 DOLLARS! I took some photos of her and may I say, she is so pretty! You can tell by my millions of photos!

Here's her in her box dying to get out as much as I'm dying to get her out!
 You can't really see her but, this is her! ;)
 I love the details in her face!

 Her shoes are sort of a hard rubber thing........
 I thought the bangles were hard plastic but their actually rubber.
 A bracelet for yourself.
 A comb which I don't recommend you use as I am using my AG brush.
 A mini book of her "life". :)
 I was waaaay to tempted to take this photo her face is gorgeous! :)

I will do a product review on her and Tess coming up soon so stay tuned and I'm working on 5 Little Bloggers! ;)

I'm am sooo sorry I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks! I've been so busy with relatives and sleepovers! I'm hoping to pick my post back up more frequently after Christmas and New Years. ;) Thanks for understanding!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

The 5 Little Bloggers and Frenemies

It's final! My new blog is up! It is not finished yet nor will it be until at least next week. I have not 100% confirmed my 5 bloggers so you'll find that out when you find it out! Feel free to follow it if you want to. The link is THIS .

I will also be opening a blog named "Frenemies" which will star Anna and Hunter who have been mortal enemies since they first met. They are both very competitive about 2 things: They're singing voices and how pretty they are compared. And don't worry, this blog is not about bashing each other because that would be incredibly boring! ;) There will also be 2 other bloggers in this. That will start after Christmas and New Year's.

Just some things to look forward to! ;) Once again, I apologize for my lack of post! I've been very busy lately because of the holidays. Were having both of my uncles coming here, (Mom's brother, Dad's brother) so I have get on cleaning my room and the dolls' room. I hope you all understand! Thanks! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Daily Deals on AG

As always I must check the Daily Deals on the AG website. Most of the deal aren't that great and I'm angry for not looking on Cyber Monday. Today I found a lot of furniture on sale today. For example they have: Kit's Table and Chairs, Dreamy Daybed, Storage Tower (which I love!), Julie's Bed 'n' Bedding, etc.

After using a calculator (since of course I hate doing the math!) I found that most of these items are 25% off and up. Example: Cecile's Parlor Desk is now $65 dollars with $20 dollars taken off. 25% off of $85 is $63.75. Well......close enough right?

Sorry for boring you all......I'm kinda short on post lately so I'm desperate! If have any post request you can comment or email if you feel your request is too long. ;) Thanks!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Garage Sale "find"

Hi Guys! Today, Grandma, Mama, and I went garage saling. I came across an Alexander Girlz doll from 2007. I knew it was an Alexander Girlz because it looks like Maddie but had different hair and eye color. I got more than just the doll but I'll show you all that later. ; )

She's a total fixer-upper but I'm willing to do it. :) Her legs and arms are surprisingly tight compared to her appearance. Her hair has been very badly cut and I really need to find a wig on THIS website.

I really like the dress she came with. I don't know what brand it is though. :)

I don't know how Maddie with take this. She's been bugging me since I got her about getting a new wig. ;) She'll freak if she finds out I'm rewigging this doll!

I will do an update when we rewig her so you guys won't miss it. :)

Final thing to say, I am planning on getting my new blog up before Christmas. I really working on ideas so I don't bore you for the first few months. ;) I've decided to reveal one of the five dolls participating...........KENDALL MATTHEWS will be one of five in our new blog!

( : Thank You : )

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Toys-R-Us Princess and Me Offer!

I was looking on the Toys-R-Us website for good sales. (since I'm still kinda broke from buying Tess!) Has anyone heard of the Princess and Me 18'' dolls? If not click HERE . Well anyway, They are having some great deals right now! I'm not 100% sure that their clothes will fit your AG dolls. They are 18'' but it does also account on body size soo..........yeah.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Their clothes do NOT fit AG dolls! (Thanks, Beast's Belle!) ;)

As far as I can see they are running two offers. (Besides already having a few items on sale!) Their first deal is that if you make a purchase of $50.00 or more you get a FREE doll wardrobe of a 34.99 dollar value. You can see this deal HERE .

There princess bed is on sale for 34.99 dollars. It was originally 44.99 so it is now 10 dollars off retail. You can see the bed HERE . It is a pink canopy bed.

Another deal is that if you buy one of their outfits, its a Buy-One Get-One deal. This includes all of the princesses outfits currently available. You can see this deal HERE .

The final deal qualifies for all items at Toys-R-Us. If you make a purchase of 50 dollars or more you get free shipping and earn 10% back on Christmas purchases.

I must keep Kendall and Josefina away from that website before they make me pull my hair out! ;)

( : Thank you : )

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas dresses!

I finally got around to doing my dolls' Christmas photos! Sadly, I couldn't get all of my dolls' pictures because their lost in cyberspace! I did get: Ginny, Kit, Josefina, Lanie, Julie, Ivy, Kendall, Anna, Hunter and Tess.  Oh and just a side note here, most of the photos did not turn out well and came out rather fuzzy because they were in front of my window! I still couldn't do it outside so a window is the next best thing right? I hope you like them!

CAUTION: Loads of photos ahead!

 Kit Kittredge

 Clothes: (top to bottom) She's wearing the beret from the "Pretty in Plaid" outfit, Julie's meet shirt, Lanie's "Butterfly Dress" and Julie's "Calico Dress" boots.
 Tess Kingsley

 Tess is wearing: Julie's "Hat and Scarf set", A Gotz "Puppy Love" shirt under Julie's "Birthday Dress" and Ivy's meet boots.

 Maddie F.
 Ahh......the magic of stickers.
Maddie is wearing: Kit's meet hat, the 2011 My American girl long sleeve shirt under Lanie's meet dress and I think Samantha's boots?

 Ivy Ling
 That one came out nicely! :)
Ivy is wearing: Nellie's "Hat, Coat and Mittens" set, a random AG shirt, random AG jeans and Gotz shoes.

 Julie Albright

Julie is wearing: everything from Julie's "Calico Dress" except for the boots which are from Julie's "Walking Outfit".

 Hunter Holland
(I noticed in this photo that she has a few blonde highlights)
 There's an idea!
Hunter is wearing: Everything from Nellie's "Holiday Dress" except for hair bow.

 Lanie Holland

 I had to show everyone, Lanie's "Jackie Evancho" Scrabble tile necklace that I made. I will do a post about how to make it in a future post! ;)
Lanie is wearing: The 2002 "Starry Night" dress and some random shoes that happened to match!

 Ginny Weasly
(and then the sun came out! Hooray!)

Ginny is wearing: The headband from the 2002 "Ice Skating Outfit II", a homemade necklace and the 2003 "Party Dress Outfit" dress and boots.

 Anna Weasley

Anna is wearing: The long blue sleeve shirt from the "Pretty in Plaid" outfit, Kailey's meet dress and the boots from the "Sweet Melody Outfit"

 Josefina Montoya
(Anyone like her new 'do'?)

Josefina is wearing: Julie's meet hat, Tess's meet shirt, dress and boots from the "Pretty in Plaid" outfit.

I lost the full length photo of Kendall, but I found one that was almost full length as a substitute. :)

 Kendall Matthews
 Her new Scrabble tile necklace
^ My only substitute :) ^
Kendall is wearing: Everything from Nicki's "Gala Outfit".

The sad few that I lost the photos of I may take a few retakes and see if I can get them up! :) I hope you liked my pictures!

I have a blog coming hopefully before Christmas but I'm not 100 percent sure I'll be able to do it! It will be 5 of my dolls doing their own individual posts. I picked the most diverse personality so you can get their perspective on life.

Who are the 5 dolls you may ask?

Well that's a secret!