Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry (late) Christmas!

Hey guys! Sorry I'm a bit late with posting this but I've too much fun playing with my stuff! I'm sure we all get a little overexcited and forget the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus, our Savior, was born Christmas day and I hope you all know that's the true meaning in your hearts. :)

I'm very excited to show you all what I got but that will have to wait until I take a few more pics. ;) I'm really lacking posts and I'm so sorry about that! I have now a few planned for the future so stay on the lookout. ;)

I got my dolls all one big present this year because I lacked getting them presents in time. They share my gifts too considering 99% of my present are AG. :)

Does anyone notice I lack a lot of things?

Two more things to say! AG has given out info to different sources throughout these past few months. They had to promise (or in a more "adult" way, sign a contract) that they would not release this info until at least Dec. 26 which is today!

I have one link that you must look at because it has the most adorable photos of her! I have to say that I do not own this website or the photos that it contains. Bongga Finds has a few photos of her accessories that will be available Jan.1 .

OK and the final thing is that I will be going to one of the AG stores the first few days of Jan. I can't say which because that would give out where I live! ;) I will take tons of photos (as you all know I do!) so you won't miss out on the debut of Mckenna!


  1. Cool, have fun at the AG store! =)

  2. Thanks, Jasmine! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    Mickey's Girl