Friday, December 9, 2011

Garage Sale "find"

Hi Guys! Today, Grandma, Mama, and I went garage saling. I came across an Alexander Girlz doll from 2007. I knew it was an Alexander Girlz because it looks like Maddie but had different hair and eye color. I got more than just the doll but I'll show you all that later. ; )

She's a total fixer-upper but I'm willing to do it. :) Her legs and arms are surprisingly tight compared to her appearance. Her hair has been very badly cut and I really need to find a wig on THIS website.

I really like the dress she came with. I don't know what brand it is though. :)

I don't know how Maddie with take this. She's been bugging me since I got her about getting a new wig. ;) She'll freak if she finds out I'm rewigging this doll!

I will do an update when we rewig her so you guys won't miss it. :)

Final thing to say, I am planning on getting my new blog up before Christmas. I really working on ideas so I don't bore you for the first few months. ;) I've decided to reveal one of the five dolls participating...........KENDALL MATTHEWS will be one of five in our new blog!

( : Thank You : )


  1. I think she'll look good in this wig.

  2. That could be good Caelen. Although I may want one less high maintenance. : )

    Mickey's Girl

  3. Congrats on the great find! It must have been the week for Alexander Girlz...I found one at a Thrift Store when I was out of town Thursday! :)

  4. Wow Beast's Belle. Were being over taken by Alexander Girlz! ;)

    Mickey's Girl