Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A little more about me! (Request from Taryn and Marsali)

Request by Taryn and Marsali
(Thanks Guys)

A Little More About Me

I am 11 years old and turning 12 in February. OBVIOUSLY I love AG dolls as well as Gotz and Madame Alexander dolls. I currently own 14 AG dolls, 2 Alexander Girlz dolls, and 1 Gotz doll. 4 of my AG dolls came from garage sales, 3 I bought myself, and the rest was bought by my wonderful parents who spend way too much on me in the first place! :) With that said can I say that my family is not rich! We are on a budget sometimes and my parents know the value of my dolls and make sure I don't ruin them. (In other words, they know that AG is a freaking gold mine!) :)

If there is one thing my family is obsessed with it's anything Disney! No seriously, were addicted! You won't walk in one room in our house without seeing something Disney. My parents like to collect memorabilia, my grandparents like to collect the ornaments and I like to collect all the little plush and pins. :)

I am a Christian and I love my church and wish I could go there everyday! I know that God sent Jesus to come to earth to save us from our sins and give us a way to heaven. :) My favorite Bible character would be Paul for many reasons.

Now these are few of my favorite things. (I'm not about to sing if that's what you though!) ;). My favorite food is mashed potatoes. hehe. My favorite drink is Coca-Cola. My favorite book would be either Kingdom Keepers series or Peter and the Starcatcher series. Both were written by Ridley Pearson who is my favorite author. :) My favorite TV show would be Good Luck Charlie or Wizards of Waverly Place. My favorite movie is probably either the Toy Story trilogy or Tangled. My favorite "Disney Classic" is Beauty and the Beast. My favorite Disney princess is either Rapunzel (if that counts) or Belle. (cause she's not too girly if you know what I mean!) ;) My favorite Disney character over all is Stitch (I'm ADDICTED to Lilo and Stitch!) or Rapunzel. Hey, is anyone noticing I'm kind of into Tangled? hehe ;)

If you have any more questions or post request don't hesitate to comment because I know allow people without Google accounts to comment as well. EVERY COMMENT will be revised before shown to the public! Thanks for understanding! :)


  1. KEWL .. thanks for sharing about you .. we are happy to learn more about our friends on blogger .. we LOVE tangled too .. we cannot wait for the new one to come out Brave with the Scottish girl to come out .. we know we are going to COLLECT all of her stuff even if we do not like the movie .. LOL ..

    Taryn N Marsali

  2. Well thanks for your request Taryn and Marsali! I definetly can't wait for Brave! I want to get a figure or doll of the main girl because I sorta look like her! :)

    Mickey's Girl