Monday, December 12, 2011

Daily Deals on AG

As always I must check the Daily Deals on the AG website. Most of the deal aren't that great and I'm angry for not looking on Cyber Monday. Today I found a lot of furniture on sale today. For example they have: Kit's Table and Chairs, Dreamy Daybed, Storage Tower (which I love!), Julie's Bed 'n' Bedding, etc.

After using a calculator (since of course I hate doing the math!) I found that most of these items are 25% off and up. Example: Cecile's Parlor Desk is now $65 dollars with $20 dollars taken off. 25% off of $85 is $63.75. Well......close enough right?

Sorry for boring you all......I'm kinda short on post lately so I'm desperate! If have any post request you can comment or email if you feel your request is too long. ;) Thanks!


  1. I think you should share about you and who you are and what you like .. let us get to know you.

    Also if you wanted and have photo's of you decorating for the holidays you could enter our contest on our blog.

    Taryn & Marsali

  2. Those are good ideas! I will probably do both soon. Once again sorry I can't enter your contest, but I hope you get a lot of entries! ;)

    Mickey's Girl