Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beauty and the Beast Squinkies : )

This morning my mother and I went to Toys-R-Us to get presents for my friends. They were running a good sale on Squinkies so Mom told me I could get one. :) I was originally going to pick the Avengers because I love Captain America and Thor. (The movies anyway.) :) But I came across a Beauty and the Beast 12 pack and just had to get it! I got a little over excited and opened it in the car! ; )

Once Mom and I got home, (after about 4 other stops this morning) I took some photos to show you all. :)

 The pack came with 4 different Belles. In my opinion, they should have gotten rid of the Belle in the pink dress and replace it with a "Prince Beast".
This Beast is adorable!
 Side Note: He is not that yellow in real life : )
 She looks a little young for a 60-70 year old, right?
 The Wardrobe?? hehe :)
 I love this Rose Vase Squinkie!
 Lumiere! My favorite chracter. (besides Belle of course!)
 I think his name is Philip?

 Belle vs. Thumb

One more good thing about these are that they don't have a strong smell like the ones that are in the quarter machines. (But hey, you get what you pay for right??) That smell makes me absolutely light-headed! They all came with glittery bubbles. :)

Today was not good weather wise so I couldn't take the photos today for my winter photoshoot. :( It was really gloomy and by the time the sun came out it was going down. Oh well! Tomorrows a new day! (with hopefully no rain!)

I thinking about getting the Ariel pack when I get more allowance. (Because right now, I'm broke!) If your thinking about getting a pack you really should and right now Toys-R-Us has taken off 4 dollars and is selling them for 6 instead of 10! :) Your dolls will love them too!

I must show Tess these! She loves Beauty and the Beast!

( : Thank You : )


  1. Those are so cute, thanks for sharing ..


  2. Aren't they adorable? I have this set too and absolutely love it! :)

    By the way, the horse's name is Philippe. :)

  3. Cool! Wow, I was so close with Philip! :D haha

    Mickey's Girl