Sunday, October 9, 2011

Madame Alexander Doll Review 18"

Good Evening! Mickey's Girl here to give you my awaited review on my Madame Alexander Doll!

My Madame Alexander or "Alexander Girlz" is sold currently at Costco for $25.99 but with tax adds up to around $30.00. So I thought I should do a product review on her.


To start I would like to say that Alexander Girlz are 181/2" inches not 18".

She does have a vinyl chest which makes her appear to look better in shirts and dresses. Her body however, in my opinion, is not stuffed as needed. Due to that, AG or Gotz doll's pants and skirts might fall off her behind or may be loose. Shirts, by AG etc. fit her quite well and look better due to vinyl chest like I said.
 Profile shot

Her head goes up, down, and side to side which, I got really excited about because I love doing Photography! One of her eyes has a tendency to try and close more than the other which is making me frusterated! :) Her face is absolutley beautiful.

Another thing I would like to point out is that her legs have worn out more in a week than my AG doll has in a year! I got Maddie a week ago and got Julie around this time last year and Julie has held up better. This is a disadvantage because I am not rough with my dolls that it would be like that.

(Excuse the off center photo of Julie)

Also if you happened to see that little bit of wavyness in Maddie's hair, that happened when I got her because she had two braids in her hair. I have soaked her wavy hair a bit and put in under some heavy books so I'm hoping that will help it. She kind of looks like Hermione Granger. : D
Since were on the topic of her hair, I would like to point out that Alexander Girlz hair is rooted. I personally do not like rooted hair compared to one with wigs (AG/Gotz). I have had bad experience with rooted hair but I must say that Maddie's hair is very high quality compared to other dolls with rooted hair. Now compared to AG dolls I would say that theirs no competition, AG wins.

Thats all right now that I could tell you! Tomorrow I'll be doing a comparison of Alexander Girlz against AG dolls. I'll try and get it up there but I may not due to schoolwork and hometeam at our church.

Thanks anyway! BYE

 :) Mickey's Girl (:


  1. Thanks for the review! I'm thinking about getting an Alexander Girlz doll.

  2. Hi Jasmine!
    Thanks for commenting. You should try and get one! Plus it's not a big investment for 25 dollars! ;)