Sunday, November 20, 2011

More on Tess

Ok, to start off I wanted to give you guys a little more of an inside story of Tess. I have added her profile to the My Dolls page above and be sure to scroll to the bottom. (She is the last one down)

Her personality is mainly a daring girl who isn't afraid to get cuts and scars every so often. Although she is the adventurous type, she is very kind and loyal to her friends. If you met her for the first time you wouldn't think shes the "daring" type, but more of a person who enjoys strolls in the park or likes reading over movies.

She doesn't take anything as an insult and barley ever loses her temper. She isn't afraid of wearing dresses or fancy outfits. This girl is definitely a wild card!
So that isn't what her profile says because it's too long. So you, (the lucky blog viewer) just got the inside scoop of Tess Kinsley! Congratulations!!

I haven't decided who will be Tess's best friend yet. (Which will decide who she shares a blog with!) I really think that Hunter could work. Something about the two together.......... Well I'll update you later!

( :Thank you: )


  1. She sounds really sweet and fun too .. a lot like me too bad we were not closer we could be great friends.


  2. Hi Taryn! I have been checking out your blog. Seems we have a lot in common! Well, have a great day! :)

    P.S. EEP! This is my first time answering comments!

    Tess Kinsley :)

  3. Tess is beautiful! She sounds like a fun girl!