Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kit's Back! (And a surprise)

OK, currently, I'm in shock!

If you didn't know that Kit was in the hospital or why, then click HERE 

My Mom (once again she's brilliant!) found a package in front of our door. I saw that it was AG box shaped. So my first idea was that it was Tess (who was shipped yesterday from MAINE!!) and I was freaking out! But my Mom read that it was from the AG place in WA. state. So she went in her room and shoved me out because she thought it was a Christmas present. While I was in the kitchen she called me saying it was Kit back from the hospital. I absolutely darted into her bedroom! : }

I basically ripped open the box to see her! (P.S. Kit is one of my favorites!)

 The box was sent in a bigger box, before you ask! :)

She came home with: A Doll Hospital gown, Her hair ribboned, an ID bracelet, a certificate of good health and a very strange piece of paper.......

While I was in my parents' bedroom, my Mom was playing with Kit as I picked up a piece of paper with the money check we sent AG. I'm only 11, but I know that AG shouldn't be sending back the check we gave them! We ordered only to get Kit's eye fixed by the way.

 Here is what the note said:

            Dear (My Mother's name),

Thank you for sending your doll to the Doll Hospital at American Girl.

You expressed concern that your doll required repairs.  Upon examining her,
we agree with you that American Girl is responsible for these problems.
Consequently, we will repair your doll free of charge, and we are returning
your check.

Sincerely yours,
(Random person's name)
Doll Doctor
American Girl Hospital

After we read that, I assumed they just returned the money for Kit's eye, but it wasn't over yet! A few minutes after showing my father Kit's repair, I noticed that her limbs weren't loose anymore and they were ALL NEW LEGS! Then I noticed that she had ALL NEW ARMS! By then I'm thinking they must have mixed up Kit dolls, But they didn't. Because there I found my Kit's two stubborn stains on her face that I was never able to get out!

Ok, number #1: My Mom didn't complain about ANYTHING or said that AG was responsible for anything.

Number #2: Then we all relized something! We just got NEW LEGS, NEW ARMS, AND A NEW EYE....... FOR FREE!

 She's a little wonky eyed (hehe)

(all of my photos are crooked when I do that!) Grr.....

Has that ever happened to you???


  1. Yay! Oh, that little band is so cute!

  2. Hi Emma,
    It's really good quality too! Plus theres a band on it so you can take it on and off!

    Mickey's Girl

  3. Wow! That is amazing!
    Hmm..some of my dolls have the same problems you had with Kit!
    I'm so happy that kit is back and happy:)

  4. Hi Mackenzie,
    Well my Kit is a Pleasant Company doll, so maybe it has something to do with that.

    Mickey's Girl