Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm not good at cleaning.....

Hi guys! Just a quick post today. I wanted to tell you some updates with my doll room. To start off, currently, it's a wreck!
So, I'm cleaning it now but thought I would say that I may be able to do the tour in a week or so. Mainly because my mother is helping me clear some things out. Also because over the weekend my father is moving a cabinet into this room which will turn into Tess's room. (If she ever gets here.) :)

The main reason that it's moving slowly is because I'm a really lousy cleaner. ;) I'm just too lazy!

That's all I wanted to say....... Thank You!



  1. I have an ABNORMAL obsession with organizing and cleaning. ;)

  2. Hi Emma,
    I do too, but I'm lousy at it! I like to organize mainly. I'm on break right now. ;)

    Mickey's Girl

  3. Hi! I'm Hilary's doll Cambria! I share a bedroom with my twin sister Mia. Mia is messy and I'm quite tidy.it works out though. By the looks of your dolls messy bedroom, you must have some interesting doll stuff. Sometime could you show us either a video or a post showing and touring you dolls bedroom?

  4. Hi Hilary,
    I'm planning to do that soon, but I'm moving shelves around a bit. I will do it eventually but its a working progress! ;)

    P.S. I may share some tips for staying clean so maybe that will help your sister! : )

    Mickey's Girl