Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kits heading out to the Hospital :(

A few days ago, my Mom and me, decided we needed to send Kit out to the doll hospital. The reason it is needed is that her eye has gotten a bigger hole around they eyelash area. Because of that, her eyelash has slipped into that hole and is impossible to get out without taking thet whole eye out and replacing it. At first we were able to get it out with tweezers, as it didn't slip as far back as it has now. After a while of me being careless, her eyelash went to far back and now her "sleep eyes" aren't working. Kit is very special to me and we would not attempt this our selves.

We are shipping her tomorrow and she should get back by this day, next month. I would wait longer, but I want her back by Christmas.

 Please wish (If you want to!) Kit a good trip there and back, as she is very nervous about it. She says it doesn't bother her but I see her rubbing it all the time! Plus she can't go to sleep without keeping one eye open or forcing it closed.

All of the dolls are praying that it will go well. Ivy mostly, considering she's her roomate and best friend. I hope all will go well!

( P.S. Anna should have her first vacation post up tomorrow!)


  1. Oh, poor Kit. :( If you don't get Kit back when you want her, then be sure you contact AG.

  2. Hi Emma,
    I pretty sure I'll get her back in time. The AG hospital takes about 2-3 weeks. But if she doesn't I be sure to! ;)

    Mickey's Girl

    that happens to one of my dolls, and my sister's!D:
    I wonder way its happening..:(


  4. Thank you Mackenzie! I'm getting better. I'm currently staying in Mama's room. Ivy is helping me keep up with my homework! ;)

    Kit Kittredge