Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anna's Vacation: Day Three

Ok Saturday was soooo boring for me! First Mama went to the beach.......WITHOUT ME! Then Mama went to lunch......WITHOUT ME! Then Mama went back to the beach until 4:00......W.I.T.H.O.U.T. M.E.!!!!! When she finally came back she said they were going to a few shops and that I could come. I said sure still kind of grumpy.

When we followed the signs that said "Shops", but I think we took a wrong turn because we ended up at a parking lot! So we turned around and decided to go to the store in the hotel. It was a sports store and basiclly had nothing for kids! So Mama just took some photos of me. (Because I guess she relized she hadn't at all that day!)

Grr...... Mama please stop taking pics of MY PIGEON TOES!!!
Well anyway, that completes my 3-part post of my vacation! I'm just working on my journalism skills so I may not be very good right now. I am eleven you know!

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