Thursday, December 15, 2011

The 5 Little Bloggers and Frenemies

It's final! My new blog is up! It is not finished yet nor will it be until at least next week. I have not 100% confirmed my 5 bloggers so you'll find that out when you find it out! Feel free to follow it if you want to. The link is THIS .

I will also be opening a blog named "Frenemies" which will star Anna and Hunter who have been mortal enemies since they first met. They are both very competitive about 2 things: They're singing voices and how pretty they are compared. And don't worry, this blog is not about bashing each other because that would be incredibly boring! ;) There will also be 2 other bloggers in this. That will start after Christmas and New Year's.

Just some things to look forward to! ;) Once again, I apologize for my lack of post! I've been very busy lately because of the holidays. Were having both of my uncles coming here, (Mom's brother, Dad's brother) so I have get on cleaning my room and the dolls' room. I hope you all understand! Thanks! :)