Monday, January 16, 2012

Disney Tag!

Greetings readers! Beast's Belle, owner of Never Grow Up: Doll Guide is doing a Disney tag so I just got home and I'm all prepared! Everyone is allowed to participate! If you want to see the official "rules" then click HERE .

1. Rapunzel
2. Eugene
3. Mike Wasowski (Monsters Inc.)
4. Belle
5. Lumiere
6. Beast
7. Gaston
8. Woody
9. Mr. Prickle Pants (Toy Story 3)
10. Buzz Lightyear

1. If you had #1 (Rapunzel) and #7 (Gaston) over for dinner, what would would you serve them and how would you entertain them?

I would definitely serve Gaston meat......;) . For Rapunzel I would serve cupcakes and any cheerful looking food! Entertainment.......for Gaston maybe some sort of shooting arcade? haha! Rapunzel would be baking. ;)

2. #6 (Beast) and #8 (Woody) are going to sing a duet. What is the title of the song they will sing?

Well first off let me say that there would be a major proportion issue they're! I think I would call it "Cowboy Lion, Tiger or Bear OH MY!" Wow. I didn't think the Wizard of Oz would interfere there, but you never know!

3. #2, (Eugene) #4, (Belle) and #9 (Mr. Prickle Pants) are on a quest. What is the purpose of their quest, and who is the leader?

Well I'd say to find Mr. Prickle Pants's suspenders, but that's a little bit of a stretch don't you think? As for the leader most definitely Eugene and Mr. Prickle Pants would fight over that! (Overall I think all Eugene needs to do is take a flame to the stuffed animal!)

4. Who would make a better librarian, #3 (Mike) or #10 (Buzz Lightyear)?

Well I think it's quite humorous to think of both of them in little librarian glasses! I'd have to say Buzz. He's more of a "stay on target" kind of guy. I do think however that I'd love to have Mike as my local librarian! ;)

5. It's the final showdown of a Disney film. #7 (Gaston) has to defeat #4 (Belle). How will he/she do it?

Oh my goodness. I'd seriously want it to be flip-flopped here! I mean that is just SO WRONG! Honestly I don't have a thought in my mind!

6. #6 (Beast) is holding a job interview. The interviewees are #9 (Mr. Prickle Pants), #3 (Mike), and #8 (Woody). What is the job they are interviewing for, and who will get the position?

I think that the job they're going for is comedian. Obviously Mr. Prickle Pants would stink at that job! It would definetely go to Mike Wasowski! I mean that dude is a riot!

7. In a sword fight between #1 (Rapunzel) and #5 (Lumiere), who would win?

Well may I say that a sword fight between those two would be AWESOME! I love both those characters, but I have to say Rapunzel considering I don't think Lumiere can hold a sword! For some reason I think it's kind of funny to see Rapunzel chop off Lumiere's wax head......I guess I'm kind of warped! XD

8. In a musical number, what sort of dance would #10 (Buzz Lightyear) perform while singing?

It would be really funny to see Buzz with a top hat and a cane doing what my friend would say, "Jazz Box style!" I think he would also sing a really bad version of "You've got a friend in me" :).

9. Who would make a better babysitter, #5 (Lumiere) or #2 (Eugene)?

Really? Two guys? If I have to, I'd say Eugene. I don't think I'd trust my children with fire! ;)

10. Once upon a time, in a faraway land, Mr. Prickle Pants dreamed of a different life than the one she/he had. Meanwhile, in another part of the land, Lumiere and Gaston were imprisoned and trying to escape. They were in the clutches of the sinister Eugene, who refused to show any mercy.

One day, Belle passed by the dungeon where  Lumiere and Gaston were held captive and heard their cries. Moved with compassion, he/she vowed to not rest until he/she had done everything in his/her power to rescue them. With that, Belle rushed off to get help.

The first people (or characters) Belle came across were Rapunzle, Beast, and Buzz Lightyear, who were involved in a street faire.  Belle told the others of the plight of Lumiere and Gaston, and they were determined to help! They decided to go to the nearest village to get the supplies they would need for such a rescue.

The nearest village was, of course, the village where Mr. Prickle Pants lived. When he/she saw the others so hard at work, Mr. Prickle Pants asked what they were doing and was told of their quest. Instantly, Mr. Prickle Pants broke into a spontaneous song, detailing that this was what he/she had been waiting for all of this time. Then Mr. Prickle Pants joined in their rescue effort.

On their way back to the dungeon, they were confronted by Woody, who had been hired by the villainous Eugene to stop them. Just when they thought all was lost, Mike Wasowski  appeared on the horizon...

He rush over to help all the recruits. He made his best jokes and made Woody laugh so hard he choked! (Sorry, Woody!) He rushed away to find some water! They all ran into the prison where Lumiere and Gaston were being kept captive by the evil Eugene!

Eugene let out a loud sinister laugh as a large cage came from above, trapping everyone.  Eugene thought that he had done enough laughing for one day and decided to go get a drink. After he left Mr. Prickle Pants was easily able to squeeze through the bars. He pressed a large red button that made the cage come up releasing everyone.Belle grabbed the keys and released Lumiere and Gaston from their doom.

Everyone celebrated and praised Mr. Prickle Pants for saving the day!

And finally Mr. Prickle Pants got what he was wishing for the whole time.......friends.

May I say that it was so fun doing this an mainly writing the end of the story! I wanted to end it all sweet and loving I guess. XD I was sort of sad that Eugene was the evil one.....but good for him! He trapped Gaston! Thanks, Beast's Belle!

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