Thursday, February 2, 2012

AG Hair Tips

!How to keep your American Girl Doll's hair perfect!

These are a few tips and tricks to keep your dolls hair in great condition!

Tip #1
Don't EVER put any products in your doll's hair! Even if you find any anti-frizz stuff, nope! Nothing! Nada! Zilch! El zippo!!!! I wouldn't put anything in my doll's hair unless recommended by THIS girl.

Tip #2
If your dolls are on display or you don't plan on using them roughly for a while, leave their hair down or in a simple style. If you leave their hair in a elaborate do or braids it will make their hair get real frizzy, real fast!

Tip #3
If you plan on having little kids over and think they may roughhouse with your dolls only pick out the ones you want them to play with and then braid their hair so they can't get it tangled or messed up.

Sorry if I've been having a lack of post lately. I've been super busy this week and not feeling to well. Thanks!

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