Friday, February 10, 2012

MEGA Garage Sale Finds!

"Oh jee" is what I thought when I woke up at 6:30am. Let's just say I never have hope of finding actual AG stuff at these places. ;) Well today was different (obviously). When I got there I saw an Our Generation Jeep and Pleasant Company Bitty Baby things. I just knew there had to be something here! I totally would have gotten the Jeep if I hadn't seen the broken top and door. Yeah. That was kind of depressing...... (Oh and just a PS to all of you who are getting excited, (which I don't suppose is many) I didn't find a doll people!)

I next I found a first edition Coconut's doghouse. I was super excited and raced over. Imagine my surprise when I found not only all the pieces that go with it were there but 2 Coconuts?!?!? I could have very easily exploded from excitement there readers! No more post from me! :)

After about 30 minutes of waiting for family, I went back over to where I found the Coconuts. Then I found Coconut's pet carrier?!?! People, don't make me blow up officially! It was only the carrier and didn't have any of the little things. Then I was really happy with my find and wanted to leave. I had to wait a few more minutes so I went back! I absolutely FREAKED! I found LINDSEY'S BAG!!!! I was really hyperventilating at that point! We finally left after I checked the area one more time. (To make sure there weren't any Lindseys!)

Here are the photos of what I got. Sorry about the bad quality they were taken with my web cam, but hooray, everyone gets to see my hair!

These are the two Coconuts. They are from 2004 I think is what I saw and they still have the magnetic mouth and they are very heavy! I have the 2006 version so mine is lighter and slightly smaller. We weighed them for comparison and these ^  weigh 0.66 and mine weighs 0.26 . Jeez these could be paperweights!

I did this for comparison. My Coconut is on the right. He's been used a lot when I was younger and you can kind of tell. He's a bit more brown and not pure white like the ones I bought. My Coco looks more like my Westie! He's a dirty fella! ;)

This is Coco's first edition doghouse! I have the second edition. Sorry, I forgot to do a comparison photo. :( It came with the doghouse, (obviously) the pillow, a doggie mat, and two food bowls. (photos below)

This the actual Lindsey's bag! I've freaking out here!

 The logo changes color!

This is Coconut's pet carrier. (not sure what edition) Sorry it's a bit dark in there! ;)

 This is the luggage tag it say Coconut on the back an a place to put your address and phone number. Needless to say I won't be writing on that! :)

These little AG sized books were in Lindsey's bag. Their not from Lindsey's collection. Does anyone know if these are actual AG? They don't have AG markings anywhere.

 And these are the things that came with the dog house: The reversible doggie mat which has paws on one side an striped on the other. It's a sort of sturdy rubber. P.S. Hey? Anyone like my shirt?? ;)
I also came with two of these. My web cam doesn't focus, but it says "eat, nap, play"
 So hooray! This week was success for me and my dolls!


  1. KEWL .. looks like you got a bunch of wonderful accessories type fun things and two coconuts .. what a find. And Lindsey's bag you will have to keep checking back to see if more of her appears ..


  2. I found the same Coconut set at a grage sale too! (it only had one Coconut though but I still love it) I agree that coconut is heavy!

  3. Thanks, for commenting guys! :)

    Trust me Taryn, if I see anything Lindsey's I'm all over it! ;)

    Jeez, vxpixie! It seem that Coco is no longer loved! He's sure popping up at places! LOL! :D